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Just shapes pulled together to make a snowman. Then I have the shapes for the snowflakes. 12″, 9″, and 6″ circles, he is about 30″ with his hat. Since the window is two sided, I did the hat, buttons, face, and scarf on both sides of the window. Now the people outside can see his face too!


Making Glasses

Although fairly simple, time consuming. These pictures show the steps of making the etched glasses.



I have a Cricut that I cut designs out on. Outdoor vinyl (buy online from Expression Vinyl) is used and pick out the designs (opposite of what you would use for a decal). I use contact paper to transfer to the glasses I use. Ensure the vinyl is sticking thoroughly to the glass. These are pint glasses and I do get them from Walmart, they are American made. From Hobby Lobby I get glass etching paste, using a small paint brush I brush it on the glass over the design. I spend more time on the etching than the directions say to, you don’t get a redo on these. Rinse with hot water and pull the vinyl off. Repeat for each design on the glass.