Mom has been providing me these jars for a couple years now. I have repurposed several at the cabin for things like flour. This one was repurposed for dog treats and sits on the shelf. Does anyone out there need any?

Repurposed Jars



Soap – Ready for Christmas

Soap will be ready at the end of November to sell.  Although I made a lot, quantities are limited. Kinds available are: garden peppermint, green tea patchouli, citrus oatmeal, lavender, coffee, coconut, and olive oil. Each bar cost $5 or 5 for $20. Message me with orders. I will mail if you’d like however you must pay shipping.  Credit cards accepted.  ~Ann


Just shapes pulled together to make a snowman. Then I have the shapes for the snowflakes. 12″, 9″, and 6″ circles, he is about 30″ with his hat. Since the window is two sided, I did the hat, buttons, face, and scarf on both sides of the window. Now the people outside can see his face too!


Crafting Gone Wild