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Sample Size Soaps

My soap is hand cut, every loaf/bar of it. It’s the beauty of homemade soaps. I could buy all the fancy gadgets and make them perfect but I choose to let the imperfection be the perfection. When I label the soaps, I weigh them. If the are not above 3.8 ounces they go in a pile. Tonight I figured out what to do with them. I will sell them by the pound. If you are interested in a pound of soap let me know. It will cost $12. Supplies limited.

Soap – Ready for Christmas

Soap will be ready at the end of November to sell.  Although I made a lot, quantities are limited. Kinds available are: garden peppermint, green tea patchouli, citrus oatmeal, lavender, coffee, coconut, and olive oil. Each bar cost $5 or 5 for $20. Message me with orders. I will mail if you’d like however you must pay shipping.  Credit cards accepted.  ~Ann