Some candles that were made yesterday, a prepper’s dream/dilemma. Glass candles give more light, tin cans are lighter. If prepositioned, glass is good, otherwise carrying to destination a tin can would be preferable. Then, there is whether to fragrance them or not… so many decisions! Leave your comments below.

Sample Size Soaps

My soap is hand cut, every loaf/bar of it. It’s the beauty of homemade soaps. I could buy all the fancy gadgets and make them perfect but I choose to let the imperfection be the perfection. When I label the soaps, I weigh them. If the are not above 3.8 ounces they go in a pile. Tonight I figured out what to do with them. I will sell them by the pound. If you are interested in a pound of soap let me know. It will cost $12. Supplies limited.

XC Glasses

I am not a sports fan but this is the second sport I love. I love this for different reasons, it’s the people. Coaches and players. The coaches are amazing, they care about our players and you could definitely tell that last night as they talked about each one of them. This group of players can be described as grateful, dedicated and fun. I had the honor of running with some of them this year and hope to make some runs next year. Below is a couple pictures of the gifts that Coach Hesson helped me with.

Crafting Gone Wild